Hi-Tech Gate Systems
Certified Design, Installation and Service


Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority
Chattanooga, TN 
Perimeter Security Upgrade

 Wilson Air  
Chattanooga, TN
Fuel Base Operator - Chattanooga Airport

Miller Industries  
Oltewah, TN
Perimeter Security Upgrade

Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center
Chattanooga, TN
Gates, Fence, and Operators Installation
Maintenance and Service

Calsted Foundation
Chattanooga, TN
Gates, Fence, And Operators Installation
Maintenance and Service

Tennessee Capitol Building, Legislative Plaza & War Memorial 
Nashville, TN 
Perimeter Security Complete Upgrade
CCTV, Turnstiles, Access Control, Doors and Wiring

Accord Federal Services
Chattanooga NOSC
Gate and Operator Installation & Repair

SAF, Inc.
Chattanooga, NOSC
Full Perimeter Security Upgrade

Coker Tire
Corky Coker 
Gates, Operators and Access Control

Southern Company
Generating Plants: Franklin, Harris, Addison, & Wansley
Various Projects:
Perimeter Security, Fencing, Access Control, Gates, Operators & CCTV

Army Reserve 
Chattanooga, TN

Fort McClellan
Anniston, AL
Perimeter Security Upgrade

Knoxville International Airport
Knoxville, TN
Various Perimeter Security Upgrades & Repairs

Stoneclift Gate Cummunity
South Pittsburg, TN

Jasper Highlands
John Thorton
Perimeter Security, Custom Gates, Operators and Access Control





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